No need to go out and splurge on a fancy $1,000 handbag just to make yourself feel good! Just add a few of this fabulous items to your life and you will wake up smiling and looking “FAB” every day!

A big pair of classic round -cut diamond studs in prong setting-real or fake( who will know). Don’t forget a nice pair of hoop earrings in gold or white gold with your off the shoulder blouse exposing that collar bone sooooo SEXY! Hey, if you don’t want to spend your whole pay check on the real things opt for Ralph Lauren jewelry it has a real life shine. ( Macy’s, Nordstrom)

Now that the weather has finally changed please bring out the leather jackets with a sleek scarf thrown around your neck ( army fatigue, leopard or shinny solid). OK, so lets talk about the shades their are so many haute sunglasses on the market but lets face it we can’t buy every pair out there. I’m addicted to buying sunglasses I have Chanel, Marc Jacobs, Gucci, etc. but I always throw on my trusty dusties ” Ray Ban” classic Aviators! No matter what your wearing you will always look “FLY”!

Pamper me please………………….

Sit back and relax to a mani & pedi at the end of a long week. Be a little daring, I tell myself that every time I pick my polish out but I often go with my neutral hand “ESSIE” watz mixed with ballet slippers soooo grown up and clean. It looks like a milky hue not so stark white with just white polish on your nails.

My absoulute favorite scent to come home to is my Capri Blue Jar Candle in “Volcano” from Anthropologie! This candle smells like tropical punch Kool Aid aawwwww………….I love it! Now, it’s a bit pricey at $ 28 but it’s so worth it burning time is 100 hours. Last but not least, end the day with a nice hot bath not only are you deep cleaning your body but your deep cleaning your face with the steam from the hot water. Try using a body scrub to exfoliate the dead skin off. One of my favorite body scrub is from “SABON” in Lavender Vanilla, smells like a sugar cookie.

Round cut diamond studs+leather jacket+scarf+Aviators+dark denim + ankle boots= FLYbehavior!!

Ray Ban Aviators $ 98, Gap ” Leather Moto” $ 298, Forever 21 leopard metallic scarf $8.00, Ralph Lauren studd earrings $ 48 Nordstrom.

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