Beauty Secret’s Revealed: My Fave Five

Women our beauty work is NEVER done. Before we zip our dresses and slip on our shoes we exfoliate our bodies and “beat” our faces. We all have those items we just cant live without. 
Here’s my Fave Five….
 1) St Ives Apricot Scrub is the BEST! I feel lost when I run out. Its the key to that NATURAL glow we all want. Best for people with oily skin or blemish pron. 2) Black Radiance “Bronzing Shimmer” is one of my fav bronzer’s. It has a multi-tone combination that gives you a natural bronze look with a hint of blush. Its ideal for medium to dark complexions. 3) NYX Eye Brow Cake Powder is ideal for grooming eyebrows. The dual shade powder helps define and fill and the wax holds the powder and brow in place. 4) Falsies Volume Express  Mascara is the ISH! Because I have very oily eyelids, I go with waterproof. 5) Top it all off with  my FAVORITE scent. Flower Bomb by Viktor and Rolf. Ladies I promise you this scent will have him in the palm of your hand! 

What are your beauty secret favorites?

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