Weekend Ready Make-Up….

 One of this seasons HOTTEST Make-Up trends is MATTE COLOR. Designers Kenzo, Derek Lam and Dior all showed bright matte hues on their runways for spring. Their color choices of yellow, corals and blues works well for fair and darker skin tones. But if your Carmalicious like me, you may need to try a different approach……That’s why we came up with an easy “WEEKEND READY” look for ALL!

 Tamara (my in house make-up artist, sister, and co-contributor) came up with FIVE easy steps to help you achieve this “Weekend Ready ” look:
First) of course priming my lid. LADIES you MUST prime especially when using color.
 Second) Highlighted eye from lash line to brow bone with a sheer yellow shadow
Third) Used angled brush to apply Purple eyeshadow creating the eyeliner effect on both the bottom and top lash line. (We used: “Hepcat Frost” and “Cream deViolet Frost” both by MAC
Fourth) The Turquoise shadow was applied to the outer corners of bottom lash line.
 (We Used: “Aqua Blast” Wet/Dry by Revlon) 
Lastly) The eyelid was finished with a little more, “Duraclear Yellow” sheer shadow.
Complement your Matte eye color with a nude lip. My color of choice was “Half and Half” lipstick by MAC. I added a few dabs of L’oreal Infallible gloss in “Undeniable Mauve” for shine.
Try to create this look for tonight and most importantly HAVE FUN ladies! -FlyBehavior

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