Good Things Come to Those That Wait……

 Ive had so much to share with you guys over the last few days but with the holiday being this weekend I was quite consumed. But now its over and its back to #FlyBehavior! So, lets start with the JACKET….. 
 A few weeks ago my sister and I saw the funkiest most ideal army fatigue spring jacket via Old Navy. We weren’t to thrilled at the price tag of almost 50 bucks; although its not much I could definitely score a designer item on clearance for that tag.   I was really a fan, but knew the jacket would go on sale soon so I filed it away in my fashion Rolodex. I recently checked back in  and as I suspected the jacket was on sale for $27! 

 I guess its true what they say “Great minds think alike” because super fly chic Rhianna was spotted during this years Coachella sporting a version of her own. 

 I’m sure hers was quite a larger splurge  but either way I LOVE it!  Get my version at Old Navy $22.99.

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