Rachel Roy Meet, Greet and Collection Preview

This past Saturday I had the wonderful opportunity of meeting one of our Fly Behavior favorites, Rachel Roy! Macy’s State Street hosted the iconic designer as she unveiled some of this springs must have RACHEL RACHEL ROY collection items.  Here’s what you missed:

Included in the fashion showcase was a RACHEL RACHEL ROY jewelry collection trunk show. But before heading there, I took a brief intermission to meet a set of great people; The Mocktail (made of sprite and cranberry juice for those that want to try at home), and model Natalie King. Great meeting you both….

Now to the RACHEL RACHEL ROY jewelry trunk show! Like always, the designer managed to make skulls, spikes and school girl hearts look sophisticated and very modern. One of the things we adore most about her collection is its classy playfulness and edge. Here are a few of our favorite looks:

       All of RRR collection can be found at Macy’s or RachelRoy.Com

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