La La’s Full Court Designer Look- 4-Less

Last night on “La La’s Full Court Life” “Body Cast” episode, La La sported the cutest exaggerated shoulder, black and white striped blazer. If it looked familiar to you that’s because it is. Every since Givenchy placed the $1,500 blazer on the runway in Spring 2010, some of our favorite fashion heads from Rhianna to Kimmie K. have been seen frolicking around in the look. Last night, La La got added to the list!

Kim K. was also seen rocking a designer inspired version numerous times. If I didn’t pay close attention to details I would think that La La and her bestie Kimmie K. were sharing clothing. Although they are different blazers, Kimmie K’s one button version is just as cute! Its a mystery who either Kim K’s or La La’s designer inspired versions are. So……..we found our own!

The FlyBehavior approved black and white exaggerated shoulder blazer.
$48. Available in S, M and L. Pre-Orders being accepted now!
Fashion. Forward. Focused.

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