New Year, New Style Risk!

First off HAPPY NEW YEARS!!  Its a new year and I know everyone is looking for that one or two or maybe even three things to “reinvent” themselves. Well so I’m I. Up until now I have always been a fan of the not so literal approach to dressing…  I’ve stayed away from wearing leopard print with red, colored shoes that match my dress, or even a handbag that’s the same color of anything I’m wearing. 
That’s not the case for one of my favorite style icons, Victoria Beckham. She is a definite  fan of this polished yet flirty approach. I don’t think you will ever see her wearing anything without two matching colors alike.

In an attempt to spruce up my personal style I will be giving this “Matchy Matchy” thing a try. My looks,  a little less extreme and a lot more casual. I will first try a few colored scarves, bangles and belts and then work my way up to Vicky B’s status. But LADIES please remember, their is still a such thing as TOO MUCH matching! lol

I will be posting pics later this week of my daring new style swap, so stay tuned! Till then, decide what your “NEW STYLE RESOLUTION” is and share with us!
Till next time,

2 thoughts on “New Year, New Style Risk!

  1. I try to pair certain pieces to tie my ensemble together. My rules to matching is to keep the matching pieces a good distance from each other. For instance, I would never wear matching dress and shoes. However, I would wear shoes that matched my top as long as the bottoms where a different color. Also, I'm on the fence with wearing colors in the same color family. I can't imagine 3 shades of red being wearable together. Although, I've seen this look done successful with several different shades of citrus yellow.

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