FlyBehavior Tip: Mix Those Metals

This photo, captured  by Phil Oh, is the definition of  “Fly Behavior”.   I have a never dying love for stacks of mixed metal. It not only adds a sense of texture, its fun and unexpected. The houndstooth Ferragamo clutch, the tonal mix of metals and Chanel charm bracelet all served up a seriously girly yet grungy look.
The pop of blue nail polish didn’t hurt either.
Mixed Metals
Don’t make a fuss out of mixing your metals, your selection should be purely organic but  still make sense.  My secret to a fault free set is to start with a statment piece like one of the cuffs above and build upon that. Mix metals, fabrics, textures and colors. Like the daring chica above, be sure to stack your arm candy largest to smallest so your dainty pieces don’t get lost in the crowd. Have fun with it and remember to always define your own Fly Behavior. Cick here for the deeds on our selected picks.

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