Weekend Beauty Grab: Sonia Kashuk Illuminating Bronzer

Sonia Kashuk Illuminating Bronzer

Those that know me, can attest to my love for a good ole bronzer. The way it captures the light, and accents your features makes it very necessary, even if its the only thing you wear (Of course in addition to some slayed brows and mascara). Previously I’ve been frustrated with the beauty counter brands being either to dull and not enough or too glittery and metallic.

20130802-093032.jpgDuring a recent trip to Tarjay ( Yes Target) I made my must do walk through the cosmetics section. That’s when the golden compact quickly caught my attention! The powder was illuminating and seem very smooth and since I was fresh out of bronzer at $12.99 It was a no brainer. If you’re in the need of a new highlight try this.  The powder is very soft and melts seamlessly into your skin. You can purchase online here: I promise you won’t be disappointed. Be sure to share your results with us if you happen to give it a try.

Till next time,

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