2016: The year of the Fly & Fit.


With blogging and social media being the millennial way of communicating, we often times don’t get to interact with people on a personal level. We don’t know the person behind the layers of designer threads and red soles. We throw around the word “Fly” to describe people that embody that undeniable head-turning style. But what else do we know about them? Your fly but what’s your spirit like?


When naming my boutique, I thought about my ideal muse. A dope gal trying to make her mark while staying in touch with herself. She understands sexy is a feeling and self-worth is key. Her fashion choices are always classy yet exude the right amount of sex appeal. She tips her hat to fellow trendsetters, business owners, movers and shakers because envy is not her style. Her artistic yet edgy, nonchalant yet chic, contemporary yet trap, personality is often misunderstood so she is an acquired taste. All though she’s not for everyone she gives positive energy to all by not only being physically fly but also spiritually fit. And that is Fly Behavior.


To help keep all my fly behaving guys and gals on the right track while heading into the New Year, I’m inviting everyone to start a 60 day FLY & FIT challenge with me! The purpose of this challenge will be to detox our body, gain mental clarity and body image satisfaction.


Are you up for the challenge? Sign up here: http://eepurl.com/bLAdlP


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